Unique Color

Donald Kaufman has personally created formulas for each color in our collection. The design and consistency of these formulas is based on thirty years of installing residential and commercial color palettes.

We realize the importance of basing our proprietary pigment combinations on each color’s own unique character, and avoiding the paint industry’s standardized formulation practices. It’s an exacting balance to combine pigments as we do, but the right mix of pigments enliven the light passing through them and makes a significant difference in the subtlety and nuance of a color and how it performs with the light in a room.
People have remarked on how the colors do not so much mimic the beautiful colors of nature – but instead recreate their effect.

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“I’ll tell you exactly what makes him special. He starts from a different perspective. He starts as an artist.”
— James Freed, Architect, Pei Cobb Freed & Partners

“Color for me is another element to be manipulated like light and form. I trust his eye.”
— Peter Eisenman, Architect