Explore Our Products

Explore Our Products

A variety of Donald Kaufman Color products are available to suit your project needs. Our new Paint Pigments deliver our unique color to your project, in convenient jars that can be mixed into gallons at your local paint dealer. Blended Gallons are also available for purchase online and through our Retailers. DKC Color Cards are sold as full sets or as single colors and DKC Color Tests will assist you with color planning and selection. 

Paint Pigment

Our authentic color formulas are now available online as Paint Pigment. It’s easy: Simply purchase jars of our premixed Paint Pigments. Find your local Benjamin Moore retailer. Then bring the jars to your retailer, where they will add these colorants to the appropriate bases – one jar for each gallon. 
By using Donald Kaufman Paint Pigment, you'll be in control of your project, save on the delivery cost of full paint gallons, and avoid off-brand color matches for our unique DKC formulas. See our mixing instructions here

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Color Tests

Our Color Tests are available in 6 oz or pint containers. For best viewing, apply two coats to walls opposite windows, ideally floor to ceiling and at least 3 feet wide. 

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Blended Gallons

Blended Gallons are formulated to exacting specifications with Donald Kaufman exclusive pigment combinations.

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Color Cards

Choose your palettes with our 104, 4” X 8” Color Cards, packed in our Archival Box, or with individual 8” x 11” brush-out cards (painted with our actual paint)

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