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Color: Cool Yellow

Patterns in graffiti often overpower the individual colors, but here strong black outlines frame and emphasize the wonderful interweave of acid pinks and yellows.

Dark painted details in a room can prompt us to see the glow in adjacent fields of lighter colors.

We have chosen the yellow for its express reference to the the often overlooked, sustaining energy of the sun.


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To achieve your final paint color, take the Paint Pigment to your local Benjamin Moore dealer and have them mix it with the Regal Select base indicated on the Paint Pigment label following mixing instructions below.

1. Pour Paint Pigment into 1 gallon of untinted specified Regal Select base indicated on Paint Pigment label. Paint Pigment is made with colorants compatible with the specified bases. Contact the Color Factory for additional information.

2. Add 1 or 2 oz. of water to Pigment jar, close top, shake and pour the remainder into the base.

3. Agitate gallon on shaker for 6 minutes.

4. Apply enclosed "Donald Kaufman Special Pigment Formula" sticker to blended gallon.

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