Things People Ask

Things People Ask

What makes the Donald Kaufman Color Collection so unique?
Donald Kaufman has personally created formulas for each color. The design and consistency of these formulas is based on thirty years of installing residential and commercial color palettes.

How many colors are in the collection?  
104 Colors plus Colors of the Month.  

Does Donald Kaufman’s website feature the color collection colors for viewing?
Our website showcases a semblance of our color range, but individual colors cannot be accurately reproduced on computer monitors.  We developed our sample program because we understand the limitations of color on the Web.

Can I get a sample card of one specific color instead of buying the entire collection?
8.5” x 11” painted cards are available for purchase.

Can colors be made lighter or darker?
No. Our colors are specific to their values.  The addition of white colorant makes them appear pinker.

What finishes are available?
We offer our pigments and blended gallons in Benjamin Moore Regal Select finishes:
Matte for walls, a durable sheen still appearing flat.
Flat for ceilings. Also used in light colors for walls.
Pearl for trim, and suitable for walls needing a subtle sheen.

How shiny is the Pearl finish?
Similar to Satin.

How do I know that I have an actual Donald Kaufman color?
Our unique color mixes are available through Paint Pigment or as blended gallons through our authorized dealers.

Is this a “green” product?
Yes. All Donald Kaufman products have been formulated to meet all federal and state emission regulations.

If I use a color for my trim and ceiling from a different paint company and Donald Kaufman Color on my walls, will the color appear differently?
Yes. The full effect of a space occurs only when our paint covers all the surfaces.

Is there a specific applicator that should be used for DKC product?
Use maximum of 3/8” microfiber roller covers. Allow 24 hours drying time between coats.

How many coats are required? 
Our colors achieve their maximum illusion of depth painted over white primer with 2 or more finish coats.

What primer should I use? White or tinted?
Use white unless we indicate our tinted primers for some colors. 

If I have a shiny trim, do I have to prime, or can I paint over it with the Pearl finish?
Any glossy surface should be lightly sanded and/or primed prior to painting.

Are there special instructions for the best results?
Apply two or more finish coats to cover. For more information, please contact The Color Factory, by phone at (201) 568-2226.

Do you have exterior colors?
Not at this time.